James Briant of Eastrington

Well done James, great drive!

I’m glad we could get you your full licence nice and quickly, even if it meant we did have to trek all the way to Scunthorpe for it. You made the effort worth while by nailing it first time!

Jason Revell of Goole

Nice drive Jason. I’m sure your examiner enjoyed her magical mystery tour, no matter what she said!

It was a pleasure to see you being rewarded for all your hard work. Now you can go car shopping, closely followed by sat nav shopping! I hope you enjoy it.

Lewis Gosling of Goole

Nice one Lewis, you went and did it! First time too!

And you christened the new OwlMobile with her very first test pass too! Good luck car shopping and better luck insurance shopping!

Rebecca Shipley of Goole

Well, you passed, but…massive congratulations Rebecca. A sucessful end to a good summer for you!

You’ve shown that hard work and dedication will always overcome nerves in the end! A good drive in your little red Corsa means I won’t be trying to press a brake pedal that isn’t there anymore!

Have fun driving about. Oh, and can I have a 10 inch thin pepperoni pizza, a chicken kebab with garlic mayo, and chips, no chipshake. You know the address. 🙂

Cezar Tuduran of Goole

Good going Cezar! A well deserved pass after your hard work.

After a false start a few weeks ago it was good to see a good confident pass. And it marks the end of an era for Owl Driving School: the final pass in the Alfa Romeo Mito!

I hope the weather is nice for your first drive to the seaside with your girlfriend, Cezar!

Peter Sharpe of Howden

Brilliant first time pass in double quick time Peter. Well done!

Fantastic drive, you absolutely smashed it with only a couple of minor faults! Can’t get much better than that! I hope you got your car fixed and MOTed so you can put your nice shiny licence to good use getting to your recently acquired job.

Abbie Stewart of Howden

Great first time pass Abbie!

Another day, another replacement car and another first time pass! But not just any first time pass…Abbie’s first time pass! Nice drive Abbie, have fun car shopping!

Sanita Strode of Goole

Well done Sanita! A great pass in a late replacement car you didn’t expect to be in!

Just in time to enjoy the lovely summer I’m sure we’ll have this year (lol) with your soon to be new family. Best wishes for the future, I hope everything goes well!

Sanita said: “Tony was freindly, supportive, understanding and didn’t judge, he was able to find different ways to teach. I would recommend Owl Driving School to others.”

Beth Welford of Goole

Marvellous and magnificent drive Beth! It’s always good to pass first time!

All your hard work paid off, with a very good pass indeed, well done! I hope you enjoyed the lessons as much as I did, and good luck with your car hunt. When you do get one, be careful where you park! lol