Lauren Kent of Eastrington

A frolicking, fabulous first time pass! Excellent work, Lauren!

No longer will you be marooned in the ‘sticks’, reliant on buses and lifts! I enjoyed our lessons, and our chats, putting the world to rights. Great acheivement!

Vjaceslavs Perminovs of Goole

Fantastic effort Slavic! A well deserved pass and a nice new, full driving licence!

It was great fun helping you to acheive your goal Slavic. Good luck in your car hunt. And watch out for those Zebra crossings!

Slavic said: “I was recommended to Owl Driving School and was also attracted by my instructor’s experience and price.

“I was really happy with my lessons, everything went better than I expected. In my opinion everything was perfect!”

Abigail Knowles of Hemingbrough

Great first time pass Abi!

I told you you would do it! Have fun in your little Citroen, I still think it needs a clutch and gearstick though! Good luck finding a nice job now that you can travel.

Abigail said: “The most important thing when choosing a driving instructor was flexible hours, good pass rate and being reasonably priced. I also wanted to be taught in my own automatic car.

“I didn’t expect to pass first time, but I did! It shows what an excellent teacher you are. You were much more relaxed than other instructors I’ve had before and therefore it was easier to learn and remember.

“You concentracted more on driving safely and being in control of the car rather than those other silly methods that seem to panic people and are hard to remember, so I’d definitely recommend you!

“I was always impressed with your organisation qnd I liked being contacted via email and text about lessons and help with the theory test.”

Ed Davison of Market Weighton

Good pass, Ed!

Enjoy your share of driving duties in your car share to work. I hope the traffic isn’t too bad!

Ed said: “Reputation, cost, locality and availaibility were important to me when choosing my driving instructor. In the main it took a bit longer than expected to pass, but that wasn’t helped by the test being cancelled due to the weather. I was surprised to be shown demos on an iPad, however, it helped a lot!”

Paul Pratt of Rawcliffe

Excellent drive Paul!

A well deserved early Christmas present for you Paul, a full UK driving licence!

No more cycling all those miles to Goole on these cold, damp, dark mornings! Good luck with finding another way to keep fit though!

Tom Bovill of Goole

Fatanstic first time pass Tom!

Another Christmas come early! I hope it was worth the wait after your test was originally cancelled by the DVSA a couple of weeks ago. You got there in the end, well done!

You’ll be warm and dry travelling to work on those dark mornings now, and get an extra few minutes in bed!

Leon Severn of Goole

Nice one, Leon!

Just three little faults gets you a shiny new pink licence in time for Xmas! Good drive Leon, I really enjoyed helping you to acheive your goal, thanks!

See you around in your BMW 1 series, enjoy driving it all on your own!

Rosie Sturmey of Wistow

Brilliant first time pass, Rosie!

That’s one way to brighten up a miserable, dull, rainy Monday morning! Well done Rosie! I hope you had as much fun learning to drive as I did teaching you. It was a real pleasure to spend the time with you…mainly lol!

A driving licence and a new job, Christmas has come early for you. Good luck with saving for a car!

Ben Miller of Goole

Nice drive Ben! The examiner wasn’t impressed with your jokes, but it didn’t matter in the end! No cars playing hide and seek this time to confuse you! I know you’ll enjoy your early Christmas present of a driving licence in your own special way!

Ben said: “I didn’t think I would enjoy learning to drive, but I did. It helped that I chose a good, local instructor, rather than just the cheapest.

“I found Tony’s teaching good and would recommend him.”