Chris Fozard of Selby

Fantastic first time pass Chris! Especially since you could barely see where you were going with all the fog!

I think we were quite lucky the test went ahead and completed, but I’m very glad it did! Have fun in your Clio, especially beating the bus into college.

Harry Burton of Howden

Good going Harry! A good way to end the month and avoid having to buy another bus pass!

Three days after Jack and one fewer fault, I hope I haven’t helped start any family arguments! Fantastic work by you both.

Harry said: “I wanted to choose a good driving instructor with good prices, availibility and flexibility. Learning to drive turned out to be a lot easier and much more of a friendly environment than I had anticipated.

I’d recommend Tony as he was very good and quick to get me passed.”

Jack Burton of Howden

Nice drive Jack! Well done on passing your driving test, I guess it was all down to your lucky hat.

You can put the bike away, and just in time for those cold winter mornings too! Just don’t take up a parking space outside my house!

Leo Stevens of Howden

Fantastic pass there Leo! Your new licence will be winging it’s way to you soon!

I told you it’s a lot easier to pass when you don’t make up new and inventive ways to handle roundabouts! (Even if the roundabout in question is badly arrowed and signed).

Leo said: “The most important reason I chose Owl Driving School was their customer reviews.

“Passing the test was harder than I envisaged, while learning to drive was easier I envisaged. I’ was pleased that Tony prepared me to a greater standard than just to pass the test.”

Lee Bailey of Goole

A great first time pass Lee, and barely any faults! Congratulations!

It’s been an absolute pleasure helping you to pass, I hope it brings you all the opportunities that you want. Good luck with your car hunt!

Tina Jarvis of Selby

Fantastic drive Tina, a first time pass and only a trio of minors!

Enjoy the first time pass bragging rights over the rest of your fmily! Good luck with finding a car!

Jack Huntington of Goole

Great first time pass Jack, and so few minor faults too! I hope and your dad find yourself a nice car to replace the Saxo!

Jack said: “A friend recommended that I learn with Tony at Owl Driving School. And now I’ve passed I’ve already been recommending Tony to my friends. Tony showed me how to make less mistakes out on the road and prepared me well for my test.”

Ross Sturgeon of Goole

Zero, zilch, none, nought! A first time pass with no faults, perfection! Massive congratulations Ross, you couldn’t have done better!

I hope the central locking on your Pug doesn’t end up locking you out! Or even worse…locking you in! Thanks for your company over the last few months, I’ve enjoyed it!

Ryan Challenger of Goole

Well done Ryan, it must be the month for Ryans to pass first time with almost no faults! Fantastic drive, well deserved after all your hard work.

Have fun in your Corsa, I hope there’s not too many cars to park at your house now!

Ryan said: “I saw Owl driving School online and read a lot of great comments about them before deciding to learn with them.

During lessons I felt really comfortable and under no pressure, for me this was the best way to learn. I found the way I was taught was really effective and felt they sped up my driving abilities.

I’d recommend Owl Driving School to my friends as the best way to pass their test quickly.”