Aleksejs Merkurjevs of Goole

Well done Aleksejs! That should make your life a lot easier with the recent new addition to your family. An early Christmas present!



Vitalijus Rekstys of Goole

Excellent drive Vitalijus! I hope you get on the road in time for the holiday season!



Chloe Walker of Knedlington, Howden

A very fine drive Chloe! Well done for holding it together and showing the examiner what you were capable of.



Armands Cebers of Goole

Well done Armands. Nice to see you driving around in the Volvo you wanted. I hope you’re taking your family lots of nice places!



Georgia Adair of Wistow, Selby

Brilliant effort Georgia! Hard work and persistance always pays off in the end.

I hope you got your car back on the road quickly!


George Simion of Goole

Excellent drive George! Just a single minor fault, well done! I hope you enjoy being able to take your family out and about in the sunny weather.  

Jakub Praszczynski of Selby

Nice one Jakub! Just in time to enjoy this glorious summer we’re having!  

Matthew Briant of Eastrington, nr. Goole

Excellent pass Matthew! Doesn’t matter if you’re late for the bus to college anymore, you can have a lie-in instead! Life just got easier and more independent!  

Oskars Jaunkalns of Goole

Congratulations to Oskars Jaunkalns of Goole who passed his driving test on 30th April. Brilliant first time pass Oskars, well done! Only a measly couple of faults and compliments from the examiner on a confident, progressive drive. Have a great holiday in Latvia and good luck with finding a suitable car when you return. Thanks for your company!

Gvido Vaskis of Goole

Super first time pass Gvido! A Saturday test on a sunny afternoon and a great result! Good luck with your car hunt, I hope it opens up all sorts of exciting opportunites for you!

Stephanie Lee of Selby

Fantastic pass Steph! You’re a great example to everyone showing that hard work and persistance really does pay off. No-one deserves such a great pass with so few faults. It’s been a pleasure to help you gain your licence Steph. Thanks for your company.

Brandon Parker of Selby

Well done to Brandon Parker of Selby who passed his driving test on the 26th March. A nice sunny day out to Bridlington, and you returned with a full driving licence instead of a stick of rock! Nice one, Brandon!

Wesley Winfield of Newlands

Good going Wes! A well deserved first time pass. Now you get to come and go as you please, rather than waiting on buses or friends and family. You and Megan can share the driving now! Good luck with your car buying, I hope you get a good ‘un! And thanks for keeping up my 100% pass record on the new driving test!

Rachel Buffy of Rawcliffe Bridge

Fantastic pass Rachel! Just one driver fault again! Just two months after passing your driving test in an automatic with only one driving fault, you pass your driving test again, this time in a manual, and again with a single driving fault! In the meantime the DVSA changed the driving test to try to confuse you! You’re a real glutton for punishment! Good luck with whatever test you pass in March, bike, trailer, hgv, psv…