Nick Russell of Selby

Nailed it fist time Nick, well done!

A great first time pass just a month after your first lesson with me. That should help you travelling back and forth to your job, especially during the winter. Maybe I’ll ring you up to complain about something one day!

Kristina Kniukstiene of Goole

Another fantastic first time pass! Nice one, Kristina!

Just in time for the cold mornings taking your daughter to school. You’ll both be safer and warmer! Enjoy the freedom and independence your new full driving licence will bring!

Natalja Bezruka of Goole

The first of my students to pass the new style test, well done Natalja!

Good luck finding a car, I hope the pointers I gave you on getting the cheapest insurance helps when the time comes.

You should get your nice, new full licence delivered just in time for Xmas!

Amelia Ofiarska of Goole

Wonderful first time pass, Amelia!

As your examiner said “nice driving!”. You’ll be the last of my students to take the old style test and the last to pass it, a place in Owl Driving School’s history!

Let’s hope Santa rewards you later this month with a nice car! (dunno how he’ll fit it under the tree though). You were a pleasure to teach. A well deserved full driving licence.

Jessica Harpwood of Gilberdyke

Lovely driving, Jessica!

Brilliant first time pass, Jessica! No need to be nervous at all. Well done! I hope you get your car on the road soon and get driving places on your own!

Piotr Pilarski of Goole

Brilliant pass, Piotr!

An amazing first time pass just two months after your first lesson! I hope you enjoy driving your Astra, no more worrying about late and cancelled trains! It was a pleasure to help you to gain your full driving licence!

Ian Barmore of Broomfleet

Excellent drive Ian!

Just a couple of faults and an easy pass, just what I like to see! Good luck with getting your car rebuilt and on the road. Get cracking so you’re off your bike before winter arrives!

Peter Daniel of Goole

Cracking result Peter, well done!

I really enjoyed helping you to acheive your driving test pass Peter. I know how much having a licence (and car!) will help you getting to work, espcially now the weather is getting worse!

Thomas Rennie of Rawcliffe

Top driving Tom!

A quick trip back from uni to pick up a driving licence, a good start to the new term! And a slightly annoyed examiner to boot! It’s been a pleasure to help you achieve your goal Tom. We had some good conversations during our lessons. Good luck with uni!

William Lemonnier of Goole

Very well done, William!

Well worth it and well deserved after all the hard work you put in. I hope you enjoy using your shiny new license to get to some nice places in what we have left of the summer!

Megan Parkinson of Goole

Nice one Megan!

Another great drive! Thank you so much for helping Owl Driving School to an amazing 5 driving test passes in a single week! It was a pleasure to help you to acheive your goal Megan. Have fun finding a car!

Zoe Zhang of Selby

Great drive Zoe!

I’m so pleased that all your hard work paid off! A new place to live and a nice new full driving licence, it’s been quite a week for you Zoe!