Callum Ransome of Hemingborough

Fantastic first time pass, Callum!

That’ll make your journey to work a lot easier! And you’ll be able to take more on at work. Let’s hope that leads to a pay rise, so you can afford to run a really nice car!

Dorcas Kusi of Goole

Well done Dorcas!

A very early start on a Monday morning, but you got the result you wanted! I hope driving around Scunthorpe has prepared you for the traffic you’ll be facing back in London!

Valerij Laduss of Howden

You smashed the test, Valerij!

Excellent driving Valerij. It was great to see you acheive a first time driving test pass with only 3 tiny faults recorded. Well done! Be careful driving those tractors about though! Enjoy your full UK licence!

Valerij said: “A good price and good availibility is why I chose Owl Driving School. I found everything really good. I’d recommend you because you are a great instructor!”

Abigail Dack of Barmby-on-the-Marsh

Lovely drive Abigail!

A fantastic start to the week, and just in time for summer! No more begging for lifts and having parents coming to pick you up. Now you can travel to Minster FM events under your own steam! Enjoy your freedom and independence!

Abigail said: “I needed someone who could get me through my test quick so that I could work.

“Tony adapted his methods to suit me, allowing driving to become much easier than I expected.

“I’d recommend Owl Driving School because the learning environment was relaxed while applying the right level of teaching.”

Jacob Harrison-Rose of Skelton

Good going Jacob!

A lovely Saturday afternoon test pass, just in time for summer (if we get one!). It was a real pleasure helping you to acheive your freedom and independence! Enjoy buzzing about in your Corsa!

Joey Besch of Howden

Nice one Joey!

A proper ‘Goldilocks’ drive this time, neither too fast, nor too slow, but just right! I hope you enjoy getting about under your own steam now. And enjoy that first time through McD’s drive-thru!

Maria Busfield of Howden

Cracking drive Maria!

Top result! It was a pleasure to help you to pass your driving test Maria. I know how much being able to drive will make your life easier, so I’m really pleased you passed. Great to spend time with you and I hope you enjoy your new found freedom even more than you enjoyed the test! lol!

Maria said: “Good reviews from friends and family along with an up-to-date online presence helped me  choose my driving school.

“I loved learning to drive a lot more than I though I would, and learnt very quickly. Tony’s teaching methods were brilliant, with very constructive feedback and methodically working towards my test.

“Not only did I pass, but Tony made me confident driving in general! Thank you!”

Kieran Smith of Gowdall

A nice sunny day for a nice drive Keiran!

Just goes to show, if you put in the hard work, you get the results. Well done Keiran, if Donny Rovers worked as hard as you they’d be top of the league. Oh, they are top of the league! Must have been an omen. Good luck with purloining your dad’s car!

Kieran said: “I chose Owl Driving School becuase I wanted a local driving school with recommendations, patience and experience. I especially liked the use of technology during lessons.”

Sean Dodgson of Goole

Just what you wanted Sean!

Amazing what a bit of confidence can do Sean. Now it will be much easier to get to work. Or it will be when you get a car. Still you’ve accomplished the hard bit now: getting your full driving licence!