Liam Smith of Goole

Nice driving Liam!

Excellent result and well deserved Liam. Enjoy driving your Golf!

Josie Bird of Goole

Woo hoo! You only went and did it Josie!

Now you can take your nanna shopping at long last! Thursday mornings will never be the same. It’s been a real pleasure to help you to acheive your goal, and I think you almost enjoyed the test in the end. Certainly you enjoyed the end of the test lol!

Thomas Wilburn of Spaldington

Nice drive Thomas!

The sun didn’t shine on you for your test, but it did stop raining! Enjoy the freedom of being able to drive yourself between home and school and where ever else you want to go, without having to rely on mum and dad! Have fun in your Citigo, it’ll look much better without those big red ‘L’ plates!

Thomas said: “I wanted a driving shcool with positive reviews and affordable rates, and I didn’t want to have to commit to 20 hours or more upfront.

“Tony’s teaching methods worked exceedingly well and he was far more friendly than I’d imagined. He was easy going and his methods didn’t include shouting!”

Kristaps Janson of Goole

Great effort Kristaps, well done!

A cold misty January day and a great test pass with just 4 minor faults. It’s been an absolute pleasure to help you to acheive your full driving licence. I hope you have great success in your car hunt!

Kristaps said: “Price was the most important thing to me when chosing a driving school, then availibility and feedback. Driving was easy, I was expecting it to be more complicated. I will be recommending you!”

Tom Lloyd of Thorpe Willoughby

Nice drive Tom, a measly 3 driver faults!

It’s supposed to be the most miserable day of the year today, blue Monday. While the weather was indeed dull and drizzly, the only blue we saw today was your shiny new driving test pass certificate! And well deserved it was, you put in a lot of hard work to acheive your goal. Hopefully, less people will pull out in front of you now you can drive without those red ‘L’s!

Tom said: “I chose Owl Driving School because of their good reputation and Tony’s friendly approach. Learning to drive was more difficult than I expected, but Tony was reliable, flexible and understanding and gave clear instructions.”

Ben Jackson of Gilberdyke

Great driving, Ben!

It’s been a real pleasure to help you to acheive your driving test pass. You worked hard on your driving lessons and it’s a well deserved pink licence.

Laura Atkinson of Laxton

Wonderful first time pass, Laura!

No longer will you have to wait for that one train a week! I’m amazed that you got told off for going too slow though, that must have taken an effort! Have fun whizzing around (sedately) in your new car.

Becky Gormley of Goole

Fantastic news Becky, well done!

I love how you asked the examiner if she was joking when she told you that you’d passed. As the examiner said, that would have been a cruel joke! I’m happy to have been able to help you to acheive your ambition of a full UK driving licence. I’ll see you around on the roads when you get your Pug fixed up.

Becky said: “I was looking for someone with a lot of patience and easy to talk to. Someone to make me feel at ease.You didn’t put pressure on me to be the perfect driver and my mistakes were not made out to be a big deal.

“Learning to drive was easier than I expected and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

“Thankyou for your time and patience.”

Josh Wollard of Hemingborough

Great effort Josh, and a well deserved pass!

You did brilliantly to keep it together despite the nerves and earned a good pass and a full UK driving licence. I hope you enjoy car shopping and the ability to drive to work on these cold, dark mornings!